This page provides the links referred to in Appendix 1 of ISPM 12 Phytosanitary Certificates for countries to access the ePhyto Solution.

Benefits of a globally harmonized approach for ePhyto through an international hub:

  • Globally harmonized approach for for electronic phytosanitary certification (ePhyto) in accordance with an adopted International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) 12 Phytosanitary Certificates
  • Reduced potential for fraudulent certificates
  • reduced data entry and validation activities by national plant protection organizations (NPPO) improving efficiencies
  • Improved security in the transmission of certificates when compared with paper certificates
  • Efficiencies in arrival and clearance of plants and plant products at the point of entry
  • Reduced delays in receiving replacement phytosanitary certificates when required
  • Use of existing systems in facilitating electronic certification reduces development costs
  • Avoids bilateral agreements required for direct NPPO to NPPO transfer of electronic certificates
  • Potential to link with the World Customs Organization “Single Window” initiative and to harmonize codes and processes
  • Use of harmonized international e-business standards between governments (UN/CEFACT)

For further information please reach out IPPC (ippc@fao.org)