A centralized web-based system that allows countries without their own system to produce, send and receive ePhytos through the HUB

The Generic ePhyto National System (GeNS) is a centralized system to facilitate the creation of ePhytos. It is a multi-tenant web-based system developed for countries without their own system to produce ePhytos, send and receive them electronically.

Business Rules

  • Data entry for export certification
  • Defined exchange mechanism and a standardized UN/CEFACT schema
  • Issuance/authorization of an ePhyto
  • Sending of an ePhyto
  • Printing of the sent certificate data on paper
  • Receipt of ePhyto
  • Ability to check the authenticity of an ePhyto after receipt
  • Extraction of the data from an ePhyto
  • Printing of the received certificate data on paper
  • Ability to store ePhytos for later reference
  • Connected to the hub to facilitate certificate transfer
  • Reporting


  • Allows developing countries to participate regardless of the capacity of their infrastructure
  • Avoids the costs that are produced by connation agreements between countries
  • Facilitates the inclusion of national systems development by countries
  • Everyone uses the same standards and rules
  • Creates homogenous conditions for trade
  • Simple configuration


  • Provides ePhyto storage
  • Ensures authenticity of the received ePhytos
  • Provides data extraction
  • Allows printing of certificate data on paper
  • Designed for use in low bandwidth environment and works with most computers/ devices and browsers
Guide to Joining the Generic ePhyto National System (GeNS)

Step One: Get Prepared

The GeNs is a centralized web- based system that allows countries without their own system to produce, send and receive ePhytos through the ePhyto Hub.

Before registering to use the GeNS the IPPC Secretariat recommends for the participating country to consider the elements listed below to form a project discipline to ensure effective implementation of the GeNS.

The IPPC Secretariat encourages interested countries to review the following:

Step Two: Joining

Countries interested in utilizing the GeNS are requested to complete the on-boarding document followed by the submission of a letter to the IPPC Secretariat ( expressing interest to use the GeNS. The IPPC Secretariat will follow up with further instructions.

Registration Documents

Frequently Ask Question

  • FAQ document is in development